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Experienced guitar teacher Martin Ågren offers acoustic guitar courses in English in Stockholm and online.

Private tuition is the best way to learn how to play guitar. And it's fun!

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Guitar teacher Martin Ågren

Private guitar instructor Martin Ågren has a lot of experience, both as an educator and as a musician. Martin has given more than 1000 private lessons and performed more than 200 times as a professional musician as a guitarist and singer (troubadour). He has a guitar teacher certificate, as well as a degree in guitar teaching from the Swedish Music Academy.

Anyone can be a student

Guitar playing is for everyone! Guitar teacher Martin Ågren will help you learn to play the guitar (if you start as a beginner) or to become a better guitar player (if you already have some guitar skills). Martin Ågren teaches guitar students of different ages: seniors, people of average age, teenagers and kids (minimum age is 8 years).


There are several great testimonials about Martin Ågren as a guitar teacher, written by former students and customers of his.

What you can learn

During the guitar classes, you can learn how to play songs on guitar, guitar pieces, strumming patterns, fingerstyle patterns, classical guitar playing, technical exercises, fingerpicking, practicing methods, music theory, sitting position, and more.


As a COVID-19 safety precaution, guitar student and guitar teacher are always more than two meters away from each other, and ventilation is good. Also, teacher Martin Ågren is fully vaccinated against COVID-19. He was given vaccin shot number two at the end of July 2021.

Alternative 1: IRL lesson

Address for IRL guitar lessons is: Lindhagensgatan 51, 112 43 Stockholm, Sweden. There is a map on the contact page. IRL is an abbreviation for in real life (in contrast to online where you meet over the Internet).

Alternative 2: Online lesson

If you choose this option, the guitar lesson is given through Google Meet (similar to Skype).

Borrow guitar

It is possible to borrow an acoustic guitar during the IRL lessons, or you can choose to bring your own guitar if you´d rather prefer that option.

Individual guitar tuition

Learn guitar through one-on-one sessions! One student at a time has a guitar lesson. Personal one-to-one lessons are advantageous, since the guitar teacher can adjust instructions to each and every guitar students own personal level and needs.

Monday to Sunday

Guitar lessons are available on both weekdays and weekends (every day of the week, that is) in general.

Listen to the teacher playing

On the listen-page, there is a short presentation film, and also songs containing examples of strumming patterns as well as fingerstyle patterns.


There are hundreds of songs and pieces in Martin Ågren´s repertoire. Please feel free to look through the list of songs! Here is a document which shows some of the songs.

Teacher certification and diploma

Teacher certification and diploma.

Price list, private lesson

  • 45 minutes lesson = 500 SEK

  • 60 minutes lesson = 650 SEK

  • 90 minutes lesson = 950 SEK

  • Package dea: 8 lessons (60 minutes each) for 4750 SEK. You save 450 SEK.

Prices include Swedish VAT.


Here are instructions for booking a guitar lesson.


At the contact page, there is contact information of guitar teacher Martin Ågren, and a map to his teaching address.